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For nearly 60 years, EMC Publishing has been developing and producing innovative and award-winning K-12 learning solutions that seamlessly connects learners and teachers in World Languages, Language Arts, and Applied Learning. We're just getting started.
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60 years ago

EMC revolutionized technology in the world language classroom.

Now, we are doing it again.

"The future of fluency depends on building student competency through engaging performance."
- Eric Cantor, CEO
New Mountain Learning

Through a long-term collaborative partnership with the University of Minnesota's Institute for Design Innovation (IDI) we are building, integrating, and researching the future of fluency. Passport® builds upon and extends research-based language learning platforms created by the IDI, leveraging EMC Publishing's world language instructional content in an easy-to-use environment designed to drive educator effectiveness and student fluency. Students will discover languages and cultures, expand their knowledge beyond the textbook and written test, and perform what they’ve learned within a portfolio-style environment to achieve lasting proficiency.

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Our newly designed EMC store is your hub for all of our innovative and award-winning products and supplemental materials. You'll find our World Languages, Applied Learning, and Language Arts curriculum series, in addition to our multiplatform eBooks and research-based digital learning environments Avenue™, Flipgrid™, and i-Culture™.

Redefining seamless learning through technology.

Through our partnership with the University of Minnesota's Institute for Design Innovation (IDI), we are now offering award-winning, research-based learning platforms that enhance your face-to-face, blended, or online classroom.

Avenue™ is a simple, yet powerful e-assessment platform where your students build portfolios of their spoken performances. Educators can create custom tasks or build tasks based on EMC's rich, pre-loaded library of media.

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Flipgrid™ is a video-based discussion environment where students respond to short, teacher-created questions. Flipgrid brings the back row to the front in your classroom.

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News and Events

EMC Publishing Launches Online Learning Environment for K-12 World Language Education

"Passport" Takes Students on Journey Towards Fluency

EMC Publishing is proud to announce Passport®, an innovative and unique online environment for teaching and learning world languages in K-12 classrooms. Passport® (formerly EMCL) taps into the innovative learning technologies that digital natives embrace. It is designed to increase student fluency by allowing them to fully experience the language.

Watch how Passport works.

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EMC Publishing Unveils New Immersive Spanish Education Program

EMC Publishing, a leader in print and online educational programs and a division of New Mountain Learning, announced the launch of its new immersive Spanish language proficiency program, ¡Qué chévere!. The new series, which offers five levels of Spanish instruction for middle school through high school students is available in print and digital format. It continues EMC Publishing’s mission to increase world language fluency for the 21st century student.

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